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Prozero delivers premium software solutions carefully designed specifically for public-access computers. Addressing the unique needs of cybercafes, schools, libraries, government organizations and other similar environments, our robust applications maximize security, integrity, profitability and efficiency.

DiskUndo protects your investment by reversing malicious and unauthorized system updates, viruses, modifications and downloads. Used regularly, DiskUndo automatically and instantaneously restores any workstation to its clean original state. DiskUndo is also bundled with a remote administrator console, enabling management and configuration from any remote workstation plus additional benefits for enterprise-level functionality.

Quickly and easily support remote PC users, anywhere in the world, over a standard Internet connection. Users on both ends can view and control the desktop, chat, transfer files and more. Just download and run; there’s no installation or configuration required. TrueDesktop is the perfect solution for providing remote technical support, training, demonstrations and more. One-click access and fully firewall-friendly.

Turn your business into a customer magnet with AirSpot, the plug-and-play WiFi hot spot management software. Sell your customers prepaid tickets for specific periods of time or enable the self-serve option allowing customers to buy Internet access time right from their laptop. Enjoy a new revenue stream that’s practically self-operating and doesn’t add to your overhead.

Maximize your Internet speed and take control over software used to access the Internet. Recover speed stolen by background downloaders, P2P software, etc. Set individual bandwidth usage rules for each Internet-enabled application; monitor bandwidth usage using the included Internet statistical reporting tools, and use the enterprise control panel to apply bandwidth rules across the network remotely.

Go “green” and plow more profit to your bottom line daily with GreenEnergy, the cost-saving software that uses smart rules to activate power-saving routines based on user-defined conditions. Easily extend GreenEnergy across the network and review the included reports to tweak your energy-saving policies on-the-fly. GreenEnergy pays for itself by reducing power bills and extending the life of managed equipment. 

Maximize printer sharing across your network, while reducing total cost of printer ownership, with PrintPanel.  Now it’s easy to save money with features like print auditing, rules-based printer access controls and more. Savings are instant and ongoing thanks to multiple powerful cost-control tools plus full financial and usage reports including document name, number of pages, PC and user name, etc.

Automate your cyber café with CafePro, the all-in-one management tool from industry leaders with more than 10 years experience in the cyber café business. Now it’s point-and-click easy to manage all aspects of your operation, including terminal security, membership management, financial controls, reporting and more.  CafePro is the only complete tool designed to totally manage today’s cyber café businesses.

Take your gaming business to the next level with GameInstall, the total gaming management solution. Save time by automating tasks like application listings, cd-key management and distribution, game copying and synchronization, and more, using the software’s built-in innovative graphical flash desktop. Plus its flexible design ensures that GameInstall will support new generations of video games as they are released. 

Here’s a complete turn-key software licensing and anti-piracy solution that includes a SDK for the 10 most popular programming languages. Now you can have a foolproof online activation system that will protect your investment while increasing sales and raising your visibility in a crowded marketplace. SoftwareActivation is complete; there is nothing else to buy. Watch your profits soar with SoftwareActivation.