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Designed to maximize longevity for public-access computers, Prozero’s DiskUndo reverses unauthorized updates, downloads and user modifications.

Restore Any Workstation In Minutes

Designed to maximize longevity for public-access computers, Prozero’s DiskUndo reverses unauthorized updates, downloads and user modifications in just one reboot. Permit unlimited user activity while securing any workstation from malicious or accidental damage including viruses.


Fully Automated Execution Upon Reboot

DiskUndo is fully automated, with hands-free Reboot-and-Restore technology launching upon system start. So you never have to perform additional functions or spend hours maintaining workstations. It’s that easy!


Personal User Data and Document Storage

DiskUndo provides personal user file storage on a shared virtual workstation drive. Because personal data is saved separately, users can save work without ever iminishing the integrity of your main, protected system. Personal data storage is converted to unprotected data storage.


Centralized Access To Personal Data Storage

DiskUndo let’s members store and save their personal data on a secure central file server. When the user logs into the workstation, he or she gains easy access their own personal folder. So customers can save data on Workstation A today and still access it on Workstation B tomorrow.


Faster and More Cost-Effective Than Hardware Recovery Cards

DiskUndo provides most of the same benefits you’d expect to find with HDD Data Recovery Cards, but at a significantly lower cost. Users also realize notably faster data recovery time and system performance, with minimal downtime and loss. This is extremely valuable in cybercafé environments running games!


Speedy Behind-The-Scenes Processing

DiskUndo uses proven below file-level sector-mapping technology found to be faster and more reliable that file-level systems. So end-users can efficiently perform tasks without delay or interruption.


Trust The Cybercafé Industry Leader

DiskUndo is designed by Prozero Software, developer of its flagship product Cafepro, integrating a decade of experience in the cybercafé field within challenging gaming conditions. Exhaustively tested, DiskUndo stands up to even the most challenging cybercafé and gaming environments.


Compatible With Today’s Leading Disk-Clone Systems

Don’t compromise your existing processes. DiskUndo complements all of today’s leading disk-clone applications including Symantec’s Norton Ghost™, while other software solutions aren’t compatible. There’s absolutely no uninstall requirements or hassles.


Works On Windows Vista

DiskUndo is fully tested to work on Microsoft Windows’ Vista. So users reap the benefits of enhanced features, security and performance within the new operating system.


An Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

In just a few minutes, anyone can master DiskUndo. Straightforward and exceptionally user-friendly functionality were designed to mimic the familiar processes in Windows Explorer, offering comfortable and extremely intuitive navigation, menu and task bars.


Enterprise-Level Network Administration

DiskUndo empowers businesses with enterprise-level remote network administration to simplify common workstation commands like lock and unlock. Launch, configure or manage operations remotely via a bundled administration management console.


Rock-Solid System Security

DiskUndo provides total computer security by working exclusively on device-driver level, unlike other solutions that run on more vulnerable local services. DiskUndo also provides an added safeguard of password protection encrypted with a unique per-disk key stored on a hidden location within the disk’s sector level for optimal protection.


Disable Activity at Scheduled Intervals

Administer and maintain all of your workstations with ease without ever having to worry about conflicting processes. Just access DiskUndo’s built-in scheduling feature from the administrator’s console and temporarily cease activity at any specific time or day of the week. Then perform routine maintenance, Windows updates and installations.


Seamless Management Through Prozero’s Cafepro Software

Enjoy the convenience of integrated DiskUndo management from within your existing Cafepro application. So you’ll never have to open more than one program again. Prozero’s powerful Cybercafé management software is designed to complement and streamline all DiskUndo tasks.


Try DiskUndo Absolutely Free

Test drive DiskUndo absolutely free for a full 30 days. Enjoy unrestricted access and protect your public-computing business.